Casewise – EA & BPM

Casewise – Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management

HMS (Halperin Consulting Group, Inc) serves as Casewise’s representative in Israel. As such the group serves in the implementation of Enterprise Architecture and BPM methodologies, consulting and software products.

Casewise has been operating since 1989 and is considered a global software solution provider leader and consultant firm in the following domains:

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Process Analysis & Modeling
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • IT Compliance & Governance

Casewise boasts over 3,000 customers worldwide, in various business areas and including the major consulting firms. Casewise’s flagship product, the Casewise Modeler, is the leading product supporting the Enterprise Architecture methodology, and is especially suitable for strategic and managerial purposes.

Enterprise Architecture links the business strategy to the actual implementation of business processes by the enterprise information systems. The link is accomplished by coordinating and combining an array of business dimensions, including: the business process model, the underlying data model supporting these processes, the description of the locations where these processes are actualized, who is performing them, which technologies and applications are used, etc. Moreover, the product facilitates the mapping of operational risks, by assigning risk factors to business processes and the incorporation of a risk-reducing control dimension.

Casewise products allow for the creation of an integrated workspace to serve the users/business people, the operational and administrative teams effectively forming one combined team. Using this workspace, all concerned can jointly design and develop the entire IT landscape, through Enterprise Architecture rules and methods, for the entire lifecycle duration.

Among other things, the implementation of the business architecture methodology reduces the risk level of organization-wide projects. Furthermore, the adoption of the methodology contributes to the ability analyze the business efficiency and to quantify the efficiency-related effort.

Additional added values from the implementation of an Enterprise Architecture using Casewise Solutions:

  • A unified methodology which ensures quality, consistency and adherence to Enterprise Architecture standards.
  • The formulation, in a unified workspace, of a common “language” for the administrative and business staff, the system analysts and the development teams.
  • The creation of a data repository containing work processes, supporting data and other attributes.
  • A module library containing standard work processes (e.g. ITIL) and best practices.
  • Facilitates Documentation of the Enterprise
  • Integrated and reliable starting point for compliance and governance purposes.
  • Allows the reuse of past work by the development teams, thereby supporting the entire implementation process.

Enterprise Architecture and BPM dep.

Core Capabilities

Expertise in the initiation and building of multi-dimensional Enterprise Models reflecting relationships and associations between:

  • Business Process
  • Information Systems
  • Organizational Units
  • Risks and Controls
  • Infrastructure, Location and other factors

Key Services Rendered

  • Consulting  for Enterprise Architecture (EA)
  • Consulting and support of modeling techniques for Enterprise Architecture artifacts and diagrams (Process flows, Application landscapes…)
  • Business Processes Analysis, Organization and Methods, and Process Simulations
  • Consulting for multi-year planning programs for IT asset management
  • Implementation and support of Casewise’s EA/BPM systems
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