Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – BCP, DRP

In the field of business continuity, HMS offers services of planning, implementation and support for all infrastructures within the organization, and assists in setting up solutions for Business continuity planning (BCP), storage and backup, including the use of Cloud-Ready Data Centers and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) solutions

Our expert teams will guide the organization through to having the ability to cope well with relevant scenarios, at the same time taking into account the organization’s requirements as well as considerations of optimal cost/benefit and Return on Investment (ROI).


Core capabilities:

  • Pioneering in the field of business and operational continuity, with more than 20 years of experience.
  • Extensive and ongoing familiarity with the regulatory requirements in this field
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of how to deal with threats and perils in the business continuity realm
  • The capability to carry out complex projects using a variety of technologies

Main services provided in this field:

  • Strategic advice, drafting policy documentation
  • Preparing a Business Continuity Plan – BCP
  • Preparing a Disaster Recovery Plan – DRP
  • Recovery Risk Management –regulatory requirements in the area of business continuity
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA) tests, carrying out practice tests and simulations
  • Provision of guidance in setting up recovery sites and recovery management by way of outsourcing
  • The drafting of documentation: masterplans, action and population plans, guidelines, practice procedures, and more

Additional information:

Strategic and ongoing advice:

  • Preparing a masterplan for the short and medium term.
  • Identifying world trends in the field of business continuity and applying them in Israel – whilst carrying out the ensuing necessary adaptations.
  • HMS guides many institutions (among them: banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, capital market companies, organizations from the construction and industry sectors, and more) – and acts as an adviser in the area of business continuity to management boards, boards of directors, chief operating officers and IT system managers.
  • Initiating collaborations and the devising of creative solutions – between organizations which share common agendas.



HMS’s activity in the area of disk farm, has always been integrated as an integral part of disaster recovery projects – disasters being one of the main reasons which caused organizations to execute changes in their data storage beds.

HMS is familiar with various types of STORAGE machines at various levels – from HDS and EMC2 products, to machines such as Net APP and similar.

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