Proceed-small The Proceed Company offers a wide range of technological solutions, with Israeli and worldwide advanced practice methodologies, an implementation of advanced technology-based tools, and primarily CA’s Clarity system. Proceed aids multi-project organizations in realizing their business potential, by providing top-notch consulting services and implementation of IT project management solutions in the Portfolio Project Management (PPM) domain.

Proceed works with approximately 35 business experts, project managers, and PMOs – all multi-disciplinary and talented, with proven past success – qualified to lead organizational processes and change to a successful result. Our experts will lead you through the process, leveraging their knowledge to your advantage, to achieve the planned goals and a successful implementation.

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Company’s CEO – Gili Regev:


Security Art is a cyber-security consultancy, specializing in penetration testing, Red Team exercises, cyber-defense and the development of advanced attack tools.

Security Art is a sub-contractor partner of well renowned RSA (Security Division of EMC) and Dell Secureworks.

Company’s main services include – strategic cyber security consultation, develop of defense strategies, planning incident response, penetration testing and more

Additionally, the company can assist CISO’s to model their business activity and business risk in a quantifiable way.

Company’s website

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