Vision and Values

HMS strives to be the leading financial IT consulting firm, and to leverage its expertise in the domains of accounting, information and financial systems in order to provide its customers with an enduring business advantage via:

  • Top-notch talent
  • Proven and applicative methodologies and methods
  • Leading software solutions
  • Incorporation of advanced technologies

Our Mission:

  • To be our customer’s preferred choice. To lead our customers independently towards the realization of their business goals.
  • To effectively and efficiently provide the HMS service or product to our customers’ full satisfaction.
  • To be a source of pride for our employees and their first choice as a workplace.
  • To preserve our financial strength engaging in profitable activities and continued sustainable growth.


The following values support HMS’ vision, direct our functioning and influence our every decision:

  • Striving for Excellence – the performance of the task to its completion with skill, according to the customer’ needs and to their satisfaction – on schedule, on budget and according to the firms targets.
  • Integrity – attention to fairness, trustworthiness, truthfulness and fulfillment of promises – in all of the firms’ activities.
  • Secrecy – attention to the keeping of the customer’s information safe and secure, and actively preventing from any unauthorized party from accessing it.
  • Cooperation – willingness to cooperate through team-work, with mutual respect and friendliness. The willingness to share knowledge with others, while maintaining the secrecy requirements.
  • Innovation – encouraging initiative and creativity in thought amongst all employees.

Serving the Community – HMS will act, in and of itself and through its employees to strengthen the Israeli society via its support of the “A Bridge to Youth” non-profit organization, with the aim of increasing said support.

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