Enterprise Performance Management – EPM

HMS has a unique know-how and expertise in BI systems and in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

This expertise enables organizations to enhance their business performance and to cut costs at the same time.  HMS is extensively experienced in implementing a wide variety of complex solutions in Israel and abroad, based on established methodologies in working vis-à-vis a wide spectrum of organizations who are leaders in their respective fields.    Activity in the EPM field includes, inter alia: planning and managing budgets and controls, consolidation of financial reports, keeping balanced scorecards, and carrying out pricing and cost allocation for IT units and for data warehouses.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM):


Core capabilities:

  • Expertise in implementing comprehensive (and/or modular) EPM solutions
  • Integrating recommended work methods and established methodologies, and implementing them by using leading EPM and BI tools.
  • Extensive experience in implementing complex solutions in global organizations
  • Expertise in the computerization of business work processes and in the interactions between such processes

Main services provided in this field

  • Provision of advisory services, picking out solutions, professional guidance, characterization, implementation and maintenance in matter such as:
    • Managing the processes of planning within organizations (budget, forecasting and controls)
    • Managing and simplifying the processes of financial reporting and of consolidation of reports
    • Cost/profitability management, using a variety of methods (ABC pricing, allocation of costs, standardized pricing, and more)
    • Managing corporate strategies by using the Balanced Scorecard methodology
    • Using analytical measures
  • Professional training

Additional information

BI and advanced Enterprise Performance Management systems EPM

HMS is an expert in implementing BI and EPM solutions in SAS, SAP, ORACLE products, and more.

ORACLE Hyperion products are regarded as leading solutions in the EPM field.

  • A Hyperion products package provides a comprehensive EPM solution, whilst fully integrating financial systems with BI infrastructures. This package assists organizations to enhance their performance and increase profitability.
  • Hyperion’s EPM applications complement other system within the organization, such as ERP systems as well as other operational systems, by using the BI platform which provides advanced capabilities of integrating and investigating data coming from different sources.
  • The Hyperion solutions make it possible to get maximum added value from the raw data and to present a full picture of the organization, whilst enhancing the management of EPM processes.
  • These solutions enable, inter alia, a dramatic cutting down of the scope of manual work and of the time it takes to carry out tasks, the generating of sophisticated and focused reports, significant minimization of errors, cost reduction, and a saving in the total cost of ownership (TCO) from an IT perspective.

Main systems

  • Reporting and report consolidation – Hyperion Financial Management HFM– a comprehensive solution for the carrying out of advanced consolidation of financial reports, for financial reporting and for implementing SOX regulatory requirements using a Web platform.
  • Hyperion Planning – budgeting, planning, forecasting and controls – an innovative and comprehensive solution for the carrying out of budgeting and controls using a Web platform.
  • Hyperion Performance Scorecard (HPS) – scorecard management and performance monitoring – a solution which helps organizations to set business goals and to assess and measure them, using accepted scorecarding methodologies.

Oracle Hyperion BI

Hyperion’s BI products are integrative and modular and support all available EPM applications.   These products provide the infrastructure necessary for a stable and comprehensive support of applications, based on an analytical processing online engine. These products include tools for reporting and analysis, for information retrieval and for constructing analytical apps from the multi-dimensional or relational database.

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