Accountancy and accounting arrays

Specializing in setting up accountancy and accounting arrays as well as GL systems for banks and for the financial sector

Provision of strategic advice and being extensively experienced in complex projects in this field. Involvement in all stages of the project, from picking out the right solution to total integration and implementation of the selected product.   Being well-acquainted with the relevant IT systems and necessary work processes, taking into account considerations of cost/benefit and the need to comply with regulatory requirements.


Core capabilities:

Main services provided in this field:

  • Borrowers risk-based credit reports
  • Credit systems – a credit-rating system for the rating of the risk involved in giving credit to borrowers
  • Credit systems – credit risk management
  • Implementation of directions pertaining to settled debts – including decision factors and carrying out reconciliations by layers along the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) axis.
  • Implementation of systems for reporting to the Bank of Israel in accordance with the XBRL reporting standard.
  • Adapting the accounting and credit systems to the Credit Data Repository (Retail customers)
  • Adapting the accounting systems to the types of data which are expected to be received from Credit Rating Bureaus (retails customers and small and medium-sized enterprises).
  • Preparing the accounting systems for the selling of credit to institutional bodies – classified by levels of risk and additional attributes.
  • The merging together of several accounting systems of several banks.
  • GL version upgrading
  • Complete financial implementation of ERP systems (GL, suppliers, fixed assets, budget).
  • Implementation of future liquidity reporting
  • Job-placements, tailored for Accountancy Departments of financial bodies, with a special expertise in banks.

An example for the setting up of an Accounting system in Yahav Bank, including:

  • The configuration of accounting entities and accounting routing (in-step with Israeli reporting requirements) from the operational system (TCS”s BaNCS package) into the accounting system
  • Setting up GL system by ORACLE – including maintenance and management of daily balances, daily revaluations, interfaces from the branch operational system, etc.
  • Setting up BI systems (ORACLE’s OBIEE model) for the retrieval of information and for receiving Accounting Departments reports, whilst complying with Information Security requirements.
  • Adaptations and testing following the carrying out of migration from the systems of other banks, including the setting up of link tables between various indexes
  • The setting up of applicative configurations for the solution which was selected – including the installment of firmware in accordance Yahav Bank’s requirements.
  • Project management – including the submission of reports to all entities which are involved in the project, management of inputs and maintaining contact with the developers of the operational system.
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