Data cleansing | Migration Systems

Core capabilities:

  • RAS – a unique product developed in-house, which is based on a powerful rules engine (calculation estimates, logical controls, business controls) which enables maximum flexibility in configuring process controls and business rules, without having to resort to development
  • The RAS system is adapted projects of migration and data cleansing in the Banks sector as well as in institutional and financial bodies
  • Expertise in complex data cleansing in the world of Insurance

Main services provided in this field:

  • Setting up data control and investigation arrays
  • Acceptance testing
  • DWH – Data Warehouse Cleansing and Assessment
  • Income auditing
  • Planning of inter-system interface setting up (with emphasis placed on financial systems)
  • Planning and executing Data Migration projects
  • Identifying plan holders and beneficiaries


Additional information

Data Quality surveys

Carrying out a Data Quality survey is an analytical step taken for the purpose of assessing the quality of organizational data.   This process is carried out by automated information analysis tools (Data Profiling) which provide a specification of the attributes of information held by organizations – sorted by each specific item of information.  After the activation of the automated process, the results are analyzed by professional system analysts who then prepare a detailed report which addresses exceptional findings as well as recommendations for continued handling.   Carrying out a data quality survey is an important step in data cleansing and data migration projects. By carrying out the survey, it is possible to eliminate much of the manual work.

Acceptance/delivery testing

HMS is extensively experienced in managing and executing acceptance and/or delivery testing in complex projects which require complex business and technological skills.  HMS offers its clients select testing teams, in accordance with the requirements of each project. The teams consist of professionals coming from a variety of disciplines, for example: CPAs, system analysts, economists, QA experts, and more.   Here is an outline of the services provided as part of this:

  • The planning of acceptance/delivery testing
  • Characterization and development of complex computational testing routines
  • The carrying out of functional testing
  • Development, activation and assessment of business and technical controls via the RAS system.
  • Representing the client vis-à-vis the software provider/IT unit
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