Community Service

HMS has marked for itself a target – to be a leading influence and a significant contributor of value for the community in Israel

Thus, in the year 2002, the non-profit organization “A Bridge to Youth” was established with HMS’ aid and cooperation. Its goals includes the identification of youth from lower socio-economic rungs who are capable, motivated and determined to succeed, but lack the ability to help themselves. These youth are given the required assistance in order to graduate from high school and successfully pass the matriculation exams, enlist for military service and be prepared for integration in their lives.

As part of this activity, the organization operates in Tel Aviv two “warm-houses”, one in Ben Gurion Avenue and the other in the Neve Sharet neighborhood. These houses operate 5 days a week (including during the holidays), and during the afternoon and early evening hours are served by dozens of teachers, guides and volunteers.

These “warm houses” serve dozens of youth who arrive there after school. They are welcome to enjoy a meal, use the resting areas, and receive help with their scholarly work, as well as other personal matters, such as emotional support, etc. Rich extra-curriculum activities are also provided, including psychodrama classes, Jewish studies and values, computer science classes, music (piano/guitar), music appreciation, arts and crafts, chess, etc.

The youth go out monthly for excursions including field trips, visits to the theater, museums, fairs and exhibitions.

As an integral part of its community involvement, HMS supports the “Bridge to Youth” organization with funding, allocation of resources for the operations and in its general needs such as:

  • Provision of office space for the organization in the firm’s office.
  • Integration of HMS staff as volunteers in the organization, as youth teachers (preparing the youth for the matriculation exams), emotional and mental coachers and as mentors as well as leaders of extracurricular activities (sports, music, etc).
  • Logistical support: provision of transportation services and chaperoning of the youth in extracurricular activities conducted by the organization, including theater visits, cinema visits, excursion of IDF bases, memorial services, etc.
  • Monetary donations: clothing, footwear, furniture, computing equipment, etc.

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (from 2007), as well as dozens of other partners, volunteer and take part in the support of the organization and serve as a significant contribution to it.

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HMS has won the first prize in the “Hamif’al Shelly” (“My efforts”) project (The Marker, 9/14/10)