Giving back to the community

HMS has made it its goal to be actively involved in giving back to the community in Israel, and to doing this in a valuable and significant way.  “Gesher El Hanoar” association was set up by HMS as a community project back in 2002.

גשר אל הנוער

Gesher El Hanoar



Gesher El Hanoar (Registered NPO 58-039-798-2) has been acting since 2002 in helping out youngsters who are classified as being at high risk, who are raised in dire socioeconomic conditions, in a highly violent environment characterized by with violence, crime and abuse and who are in distress personally, socially and academically, and are on the verge of dropping out of school.


Gesher El Hanoar utilizes a unique model. Gehser operates a  sociable-educational frameworks in the afternoon hours in three activity centers managed by Gesher, in the cities of Tel-Aviv and Ramat-Gan, in order to significantly reduce the dropping out rate of these youngsters, and provide them with equal opportunities to succeed and integrate into normative society.


As part of the four activity centers, operated daily throughout the year and serving as “cozy homes” to these youngsters, Gesher provides the youngsters with personal, social and academic support. This includes full academic preparation for taking the baccalaureate examinations, using personal mentors, professional tutors and packed social activity programs: trips, social gatherings and parties, visits to museums and to historic sites, attending talks and self-empowerment workshops, attending training on preparing for IDF-service, taking part in supportive and varied activities within the community, and more.


Gesher is using a structured identification process to locate youngsters at risk who demonstrate high motivation and determination to succeed. This qualifies them to participate in the project. The identification process is carried out in close collaboration with the welfare authorities and with the schools.

Having gone through and passed the identification and admission processes, each boy or girl is fitted with a personal program tailored to his or her specific needs.  Additionally, Gesher’s staff and volunteers maintain ongoing contact with the youngsters’ families as well as with the welfare authorities and educational staff at the schools, who are handling the youngster’s case.


An an intrinsic part of HMS’s involvement in “Gesher El Hanoar”, HMS provides funding for Gesher’s activities and allocates resources and assistance in various ways, including:

  • Allocating a space for Gesher’s activities on HMS office premises.
  • Integrating HMS employees into the array of Gehser volunteers. The volunteers provide the youngsters with emotional and mental support as well as tutoring assistance.
  • Providing logistic assistance, driving and accompanying youngsters to and from cultural and enrichment activities.
  • Making donations of money, clothes and footwear, furnishing, computer equipment, etc.

Alongside HMS, there are dozens of partners, volunteers and tutors who together comprise a most valuable tier of Gesher’s activity.

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HMS won first prize in The Marker’s “My Enterprise” project, published on 14.9.10.

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