Excel4Apps GL Wand 5 – SAP

Quick and easy generation of financial reports via SAP

GL Wand revolutionary solution – by Excel4Apps – enables Accountancy Department users to create financial reports which get updated in real-time – directly via Excel. The solution is designated to be used by the organization’s business users who are using the SAP Financials system.  This system was specifically developed to be fully integrated vis-a-vis SAP. It affords a quick and easy user experience for ad hoc generation of reports and in-depth investigation of data.   System users are experiencing a significant cutting down on the time it takes to generate the reports and a quick End-of-month closing.  The solution is approved by SAP and enables an efficient, quick and safe financial reporting.


  • Retrieval of data in real time from FICO and from the reference books, down to the level of the journal entry in the Excel sheet.
  • Data gets updated online.
  • Full integration vis-a-vis SAP systems.
  • Full integration vis-a-vis the authorizations which are configured in SAP.
  • Support for generating and distributing large quantities of reports
  • Fully supporting SAP ECC6 and S/4 HANA


  • Business and managerial reports in real-time
  • In-depth information and data investigation – such as Cost Center/Profit center Reporting
  • Supporting the EOM closing process – reconciling monthly financial reports and exercising controls
  • Creating and updating of dashboards
  • Budget planning and creating budgetary projections
  • Pricing


  • Working with information and data coming directly from SAP into Excel
    GL Wand enables the end-users to work directly from Excel – using data which is retrieved from SAP’s ERP system. Users who are used to working in Excel are able to easily and self-sufficiently create their reports.
  • Synchronization vis-a-vis SAP in real-time
    A quick and easy generation of reports, and the carrying out of investigation of information and of data coming from the SAP system databases – which are updated in real time. The GL Wand system enables any Excel user to generate the business information he or she requires, quickly, easily and intuitively – by using wizards.
  • Saving time for the organization’s IT Department
    The GL Wang system is easy to maintain and support and does not require implementation on the customer’s computers. All authorizations are taken directly from SAP  – so that it is not necessary to maintain a separate pool of authorizations.  When creating reports for a large number of users – the system saves up on time and on loads – without the need to develop code.

The best way to understand GL Wand’s many advantages is to experience the system first hand! We are offering a 30-day free trial – giving you the change to experience the system’s advantages and attributes.


In order to commence your 30-day free trial – please contact us on: 050-7364028


About Excel4Apps

Excel4Apps is the leading company for creating reports and for investigating information and data for ORACLE and SAP users.  The company specializes in products which enable financial and business users, as well as implementers and IT users to quickly and easily analyze data coming from ERP systems.

Excel4Apps is used by more than 22,000 users in 62 countries around the world.

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