Michael Halperin was appointed as HMS CEO

HMS Group is celebrating 25 years of excellence in the field of financial IT and computerization.

During a celebratory gathering for the Group’s employees which was held this week, it was announced that Michael Halperin is to be appointed as HMS  CEO, as part of the Group’s preparation for the future.    Michael Halperin (36), will replace Dov Halperin who is HMS founder and owner, and who will go on to serve as the Group’s chairman.

In recent years, Michael has led the Core Banking activity at HMS as well as  the collaboration formed with TATA Group (TCS) from India. Previously, he dealt with Risk Management and Business Development within the Group, including the purchasing and acquisition of PROCEED company as well as with the development of additional areas of activity.

Michael holds an L.L.B. law degree as well as a Business Management B.A. degree, specializing in Financing – from IDC Herzliya, and an MBA from Tel Aviv University and Northwestern University in Chicago (as part of the Kellogg Recanati Executive Program). He is also a member of the Israel Chamber of Information Systems Analysts.  Previously, as a Naval Officers Course graduate, He has served in several commanding posts in the IDF Navy.

Dov said that he wishes Michael success in his new role, and that he will continue to assist the newly appointed CEO in expanding the Group’s activity in strategic issues relating to the area of financial IT and computerization.

Michael said the Group currently possesses impressive performance capabilities and benefits from the input of employees who are leaders in their fields, and that it possesses a well-recognized professional goodwill. He said that he intends to continue to leverage the Group’s professional potential and strengthen the collaborations it has formed with its business partners, in order to continue and offer its customers valuable solutions and propositions, thereby enabling them to benefit from continued growth and prosperity.

Dov Halperin is a CPA and an Industrial Engineer who is an Information Systems and IT expert. He is highly experienced and his professional reputation and business acumen is widely recognized.   Dov founded HMS Group in March 1992 and since then he has acted as the Group’s CEO.  Under his supervision and management, HMS has become the leading figure  in the area of Information Systems and IT for the financial sector.

Previously, Dov initiated and founded Kesselman Consultation Services Ltd. – in collaboration with Kesselman & Kesselman (nowadays PWC) – which he managed (acting as a managing partner) for 9 years, after having served in various senior roles in the Israeli Banking sector in the field of IT.

HMS is the leading Consultation Group in Israel in the field of financial IT and computerization. It provides strategic advice, integration of lead solutions and outsourcing services through a select team of over 200 experts – throughout the past 25 years.

HMS customers form the backbone of the Israeli financial sector, the majority of Israel’s financial institutions, regulatory bodies and leading business corporations are enjoying the services offered by the Group.    HMS’s activity focuses on the areas of IT, Finances, Risk Management, Cyber and Information Security, Regulation as well as Project Management.

The Group possesses an ability which is unique in the Israeli market – of leading the customer from the planning and strategy stage through to execution, whilst providing the customer with a competitive edge emanating from the marrying together of profound business understanding with high technological capabilities.

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