Financial regulations

HMS has accumulated extensive experience in handling all regulatory requirements relevant to financial bodies in Israel.  The handling of regulatory requirements include a wide range of services, such as:

  • Providing advice to regulators regarding the business and technological feasibility of planned regulations
  • Providing advice to financial bodies regarding methods by which to implement regulations
  • Analysis and characterization of complex local and global regulatory requirements, including preparing work plans for the implementation of such regulations
  • Providing guidance in picking out mechanical solutions for the implementation of regulations
  • Embedding new financial regulatory requirements into the various bodies and institutions
  • Converting global systems to the Israeli regulatory reality
  • Executing controls over the methods by which regulatory requirements are being implemented
  • Carrying out compliance surveys


HMS’s uniqueness in this field stems from integrating select workforce professionals into the project, who are well acquainted with financial content universes, with Israeli and global IT systems and with technological solutions. Such experience was gained through years of being involved in complex financial projects which require in-depth knowledge of the Israeli financial regulatory array.

HMS has a designated Organization & Methods team of experts who go over all new regulations, analyze them and devise solutions for the implementation of these regulations on the ground.


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