Outsourcing – human resources and robotics (software)

Specializing in providing outsourcing services in the areas of human resources and robotics (software) whilst placing an emphasis on providing a complete solution to the client’s requirements. This is done by locating select manpower suited to client’s requirements and by utilizing advanced technologies for the automation of organizational processes

Human resources – The recruitment process includes a meticulous sorting and filtering process, resulting in an optimal fit to clients’ requirements. We provide professional handling which is based on a wide infrastructure of areas of knowledge, derived from handling cutting-edge projects. The service includes professional guidance and backup, with the recruits having access to HMS’s information repositories, which creates an added value to the client.


Robotics – HMS offers a unique Robotic Process Automation software solution – for maximizing operational efficiency and for minimizing execution times and human errors, thereby achieving a quick and high ROI. The automation of organizational processes is achieved in an easy, user-friendly way by using apps, thereby achieving heterogenic technological environments in call-centers, operational arrays and other organizational processes performed by a large number of users.

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