Kony- The world’s leading multi-channel mobile platform development

Kony, represented in Israel by HMS, is a global leader in application development for mobile and leads among other the niche for mobile applications for financial customers

Kony is the fastest growing mobile company in the world, was founded in 2007 and today has the largest development team in the mobile field that cares for the implementation of innovative solutions, allowing the customers to enjoy use a multi-channel experience. The company has more than 350 customers worldwide including leading banks such as Citi Bank, HSBC, Scotia Bank, Huntington, Regions and more.

The main added values of Kony Solutions:

  • The ability to develop a single code base, which can be run in a multi-channel environment, in all kind of wireless devices available on the market, tablets and desktops, including previous generations.
  • Using applications and preparedness of Out of the Box capabilities to the banking sector – enabling a short Time to Market in the presentation of new capabilities to the market.
  • The company’s obligation to automatically support any new device that arrives to the market without the need for any further development.

The benefits from the company’s solution:

  • The possibility of rapid insertion of services and new value propositions in a dynamic multi-channel environment
  • Deepening customer relationships significantly
  • Substantial cost reductions involving developments


Kony is associated as Leader by Gartner for 2013:


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