Metric Stream – GRC

HMS collaborates with Metric Stream – a world leading company in the field of GRC platform – for the marketing of the company’s products in Israel. The GRC platform is regarded a world leading platform in accordance with the rating published by Gartner – the leading research and advisory company


The solutions offered by Metric Stream contribute to the success of various commercial bodies on a global level who are operating in a complex technological market, by conducting well thought-out risk management programs and quality and control processes, all the while complying with regulatory requirements as well as with the organization’s own requirements.

The GRC platform enables a smooth integration of all systems and GRC processes deployed in complex organizational structures and in heterogenic IT environment – into a single unified system.

The company’s global customers operate in a variety of areas and fields: financial services, healthcare, hi-tech, medicine, energy, manufacturing, the food industry, robotics, and more. Here are a few names: UBS, DELL, NetUp, Philips, Kellogg’s and more.

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