RPA – Robotic Process Automation and hybrid solutions

HMS experts will help your organization to go deeper in the digital journey by using robotic automation. This will bring about a significant saving in workforce and a productivity increase in the carrying out of organizational work processes, along with a reduction in operational risk and an increase in employee satisfaction

Robotic automation will achieve the following goals and benefits:

  • Allocating routine organizational work processes – those which are being carried out by internal and external organizational systems – to software robots who will come in place of human workers.
  • Human workers’ time will be channeled to processes which require thought and intuition, thereby dramatically increasing workers’ satisfaction.
  • Minimizing operational work process mistakes and errors which are causing prolonged re-handling and unnecessary expense.
  • Productivity increase in executing routine work processes – since robots work 24/7 and are quicker than their human counterparts.
  • Carrying out robotic automation to work processes is a quick, easy and user-friendly process, without having to execute integration.

HMS possesses a proven track-record of locating, characterizing and developing robotic automation processes in organizations, based on the RPA platform by KRYON, an Israelis tart-up company.

We see an accelerated growth of RPA solutions in today’s world, their overall monetary worth for the year 2020 is expected to reach USD5 Billion!
You are invited to join the RPA revolution.



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