Financial Instruments

Expertise at the highest level in the area of financial instruments and derivatives.  Most complex advisory and implementation capabilities in this field, including in-depth business understanding, being well acquainted with Best Practices, having a proven track-record in Delivery in complex projects and being extensively experienced in a wide variety of relevant topics

Core capabilities

  • Being thoroughly acquainted with the local market and with advanced systems abroad
  • In-depth understanding of financial instruments, derivatives, risk management of positions and of exposures, Back Office processes, posting (accounting log entries) and more

Main services provided in this field

  • Implementation of Front Office systems in the field of FX
  • Development/implementation of systems for the maintenance and control of collaterals (Collateral Management)
  • Carrying out implementation, upgrades and testing for:
    • Systems for the management of derivatives and trading-room activity
    • Back Office services
    • Posting (accounting log entries)
  • Provisions of advice, integration and implementation of software packages, such as WSS, Opics, Fenics, Super Derivatives, Calypso
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