Risk Management and Cyber Protection

HMS has a proven track-record in the provision of advisory services and solutions in the area of risk management and cyber protection for a wide variety of companies, including leading companies in the financial and governmental sectors

In-depth expertise in the area of risk management and the ability to provide solutions for all organizational risk, fitted to the organization’s requirements. In order to provide problem-fixing and effective handling of risk management, HMS maintains specialized units designated to handle a wide variety of subjects. Each specialized unit has the know-how and experience relevant for the specific matter required by the client. This expertise spans across, inter alia, the following subjects:

  • Cyber risk management
  • ERM – Enterprise risk management
  • GRC – Governance Risk & Compliance
  • IT risk management
  • Credit risk management
  • Market risk management
  • AML and terrorism financing prevention
  • Liquidity risk management
  • Insurance risk management
  • Strategic risk management


  • The provision of advice and solutions as aforesaid, enable our clients, who operate in a dynamic, competitive market, to handle internal and external elements of risk which may impair the organization’s profitability and stability.
  • The added value provided by HMS to its clients includes, inter alia, the ability to address all types of risk which exist within the organization and examine the different options of managing and handling these types of risk, identifying the most suitable solutions for them.
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