BMS – software system for the vehicles industry sector

BMS – International Technological Systems Ltd. – a software company specializing in developing and implementing comprehensive software solutions for car-rental companies, leasing and for maintaining car fleets in Israel and around the world.

BMS – software system for the vehicles industry sector


BMS software has been in use since 1997 and is based on more than 25 years experience in developing software designated specifically for the car-rental and leasing field.
BMS teams, together with HMS professionals, are continuously developing and improving the products designed by the company, by utilizing the most up-to-date technologies and their expanded know-how in the area of vehicles and IT projects.

MBS teams have successfully implemented the software in large organizations, including in corporations where the system is being implemented and used across several countries and is being maintained by the support and control center situated at HMS offices in Tel Aviv.
The system has a proven track record of managing small and large sized car fleets (up to 50,000 vehicles) and a proven track record of supporting more than 1,000 users at any given time.


BMS array of products for the vehicle industry includes the following core systems:

  • A system for the managing of car rentals
  • A system for the managing of leasing – both operational and financial
  • A system for the managing of car fleets
  • A booking system – abroad

The software’s modular structure enables precise tailoring of the software to the customer’s business requirements so that only the modules which are directly linked to the customer’s business activity are being used.   This way, by utilizing a single, unified system – diversified customers from around the globe are able to enjoy the expanse and flexibility and of BMS system.

The software’s varied attributes and advantages:

User-friendly – easy-to-use interface.

  • Suits everybody – both in terms of the nature of the business activity – which varies from one company to the other – as well as in terms of the specific country in which customer operates.
  • Dynamic and flexible – the system can be modified to suit the company’s activity.
  • Multi-lingual user interface – the system supports all languages.
  • Managing all aspects of car rental, leasing and car fleets – all in a single system – which is based on a single database.
  • Large-sized companies – the system suits large-sized companies and is able to support hundreds of users.
  • Tracking and monitoring – the system tracks and monitors all vehicle movements at any given point in time.
  • Control and maintenance tools – the ability to generate hundreds of reports, displaying of dozens of query screens and utilizing other control and maintenance tools.
  • A qualitative and advanced software – which is very user-friendly at the same time.
  • Training – the provision of basic training for the software – done quickly, within a short amount of time.
  • Maintenance tools – tools and means of enhancing profitability by facilitating an increase in revenue and a decrease in operational costs – thereby achieving operational optimization.
  • Quick response capability – the ability to swiftly respond to new business conditions and rules as well as to future changes. Such as: changing the pricing methods, tax changes, modes of payments, debiting rules, etc.
  • The system is capable of managing several companies and franchisees on the same database, this also means that a single company may use the system to maintain several franchisees.
  • MICROSOFT WINDOWS working environment – this enables quick and easy interfacing vis-a-vis external systems.
  • BMS continuously strives to improve its products – by utilizing the most up-to-date technologies and by implementing and adding new developments suited to the requirements of its customers.

BMS’s many satisfied customers are the best testimony for the success of this software and for the high level of service provided to them by BMS’s dedicated teams.  Here are a few of BMS customers in Israel and around the world (some of these are franchisees in several countries)


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