ZOOMD – a smart search solution for websites and mobiles

HMS collaborates with ZOOMD for marketing ZOOMD’s products in Israel

The company offers a smart search solution for websites and mobiles (Zoomed Search) via an advanced search engine which provides an optimal solution for the search results.

This solution makes searching the website a positive experience – with options for “Call to Action”, making calls, sending emails and displaying targeted banners and widgets based on search results, as well as a Dashboard for analyzing the search results.

This solution dramatically increases the time users spend on the site and the time activity is executed via the site, and gets a quick ROI.

The proposed solution combines actionable search with figuring out users’ surfing habits and locating the Next Action which will be of interest to them. Whether surfing is done via the website or mobile, the solution displays to  users valuable offers which suit their requirements.

Zoomd in – in-depth understanding of the surfing patterns of users who are using the site and predicting the Next Actions which customers are likely to want to perform, and offering widgets via which those actions can indeed be performed.  For instance – for a customer who has read an article about IPhone6 – there will be an offer displayed for purchasing such a device.

In-site Search Engine


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