RAS – data cleansing, migration and testing

RAS is a business-logic based system for the maintenance and control of data quality – which provides an End-to-End solution for planning, implementing and maintaining arrays of control over data quality throughout the entire life span of the organization’s information system.

RAS system

Using RAS for the setting up of data control arrays offers numerous benefits, amongst them:

  • A central platform for managing all stages of work – including characterization of controls, setting up control processes, activating these processes, managing all arrays of alerts and events, and more.
  • Pre-configured designated modules which enable quick application of complex control processes.
  • The ability to set up and manage a business logic via the user interface, without having to develop software code.
  • A user-friendly interface for setting up control processes – this also includes a graphics wizard for setting up of control samples and for defining criteria for the setting up of exceptional events.
  • Advanced retrieval tools which enable system users to investigate the exceptional events which have been identified.
  • A complete maintenance interface for all control processes which can be timed internally within the system or externally outside it.
  • Advanced data profiling tools which can interface vis-a-vis a business logic wizard and to decision tables which are maintained within the system.
  • Advanced alerts and events module which interfaces vis-a-vis all control components of the system.
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