Job-placing experts in outsourcing

The human resource – HR

  • Placing experts in jobs in financial fields, which require an integration of knowledge and experience in IT systems
  • A recruitment process which is based on uncompromising sorting procedures which are focused on the clients’ specific requirements.
  • The expert advisors have accessibility to HMS’s accumulated knowledge and information
  • Development and enrichment of workforce by providing long tern training

Main services provided in this field
These will include, inter alia:

  • IT experts system analysts (business, financial, technological, systemic), developers in a variety of languages, project managers and PMOs, technology experts, system experts, and more
  • Business professions – experts in risk management and regulatory requirements, Information Security, foreign securities, derivatives, CPAs and economists in a variety of specialties, and more.

Outsourced projects – the advantages of choosing HMS

  • Cost/benefit
    • Providing guidance in defining goals and targets and receiving a finished product which fits these definitions
    • Budget: a pinpointed budget tailored to a specific goal In FIX projects – cost is known in advance and is a pre-defined element
  • Workforce
    • External employees with no internal interests which might go against the project
    • Flexibility: fixed-term/flexible-term workers without giving rise to an employer-employee relationship, and without having to budget for new hires
    • A goal oriented team, in terms of knowledge and scope of position, and the option to employ interdisciplinary teams.
  • Systemic vision and the minimization of risk
    • Systemic vision and insights: the involvement of wide-vision knowledge-centers, which is based on experience gained in a number of organizations and/or projects
    • End-to-end solutions – the option to choose Turnkey projects
    • Non-dependency: a transparent and documented process which can include a transfer of knowledge to the client, where necessary
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