SalesForce CRM

HMS operates to market and implement SalesForce in cooperation with Blat Lapidot company

The great knowledge and experience of HMS in the business and IT aspects, primarily with entities related to the financial sector, combined with the technological expertise and experience of Blat Lapidot in the application of SalesForce cloud system, enables the a quality solution to relevant customers. SalesForce is part of the CRM system, worldwide leader, which enables the management of advanced sale and service processes using SAAS cloud method.

SalesForce customer enjoy in addition:

  • Optimum management of each lead, deal and customer from any PC/laptop, tablet, smartphone and from anywhere in the world.
  • Significant processing power which will ensure faster performance.
  • Free software upgrades based on new developments and feedbacks received customers using the software.
  • Significant risk and cost reduction associated with maintaining an independent system.
  • Paying for consumption only- pay per demand.
  • High level and the most advanced security protection.
  • Unique ability to make adjustments in the organization needs (customization) for the purpose of optimal match of the system to the needs of the organization.
  • The most advanced user interface with introduced capabilities (dashboard) and high analysis.
  • A variety of applications developed specifically for SalesForce which enable the organization to enrich the functionality of the system in accordance with the organization’s unique needs.
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