Suntec – Billing and pricing

HMS represents in Israel Suntec company, which is a world leader for Pricing and Billing solutions for banks, credit card companies and even to the telecom field. The company has 40 global clients from the financial field, including HSBC, ING, RBS, Visa, American Express and others.

  • The solution offered by the company, includes a smart and sophisticated “engine” for pricing, billing and producing fees statement on a customer level.
  • This solution supports the assembly of fee “baskets” for various financial products’ performing value based customer pricing and activity patterns.
  • You can leverage the solution for pricing interest rates for financial products up to a customer level such as deposits, loans and so on.
  • The solution also includes an analytic module for questioning and insights from the above, in addition to a points and benefits module based on loyalty programs.
  • The solution is advanced on a technological level, SOA based and optimized to work with all types of enterprise platforms. Brochures:

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