Advanced Financial Systems | ERP

Specializing in a wide variety of advanced IT systems for the financial sector

Combining in-depth business understanding with extensive experience in the area of IT systems and advanced technologies. Provision of strategic advice and being extensively experienced in complex projects in this field. Involvement in all stages of the project, from picking out the right solution to total integration and implementation of the selected product.   Examining the usage of advanced technologies and incorporating them into the organization’s IT systems. This process will include addressing analytical tools and big data systems.


Core capabilities:

  • In-depth understanding of the needs and requirements of the customer on the one hand, integrated with excellent familiarity with available solutions on the other hand.
  • A proven Delivery capability
  • Being in a strategic partnership with the providers of the leading solutions in the field of institutional financial IT

Main fields of activity:

  • ERP (Sap, Oracle, Microsoft, Priority, other)
  • General Ledger
  • The Treasury Department
  • Profit Centers
  • Pricing and budget systems (SAP, ORACLE)
  • Systems for the consolidation of financial reports
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