Cyber & Information Security

HMS operates in the Information Security field for more than 20 years.  Throughout this period, HMS has gained extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in this field, has gained expertise in providing advice and assistance in implementing statutory and regulatory requirements, has provided Information Security solutions to companies in a wide variety of sectors and has carried out a large number of large-scale projects in the Israeli business and financial sector.

Our teams comprise of first-rate professional experts who are involved in all stages of the Information Security lifecycle: setting out strategy and policy, carrying out Information Security surveys on all strata, carrying out the implementation of tools, systems, practice procedures and training, as well as representing the organization vis-à-vis the relevant regulatory bodies.

Professional services:

  • Policy and strategic planning
  • Preparing annual work plans
  • Budgetary planning for the implementation of Information Security
  • Setting up and managing Information Security arrays
  • Providing guidance in implementing relevant regulatory requirements
  • Providing guidance in obtaining ISO and PCI certifications
  • Providing advice, guidance and management of projects (including Turnkey projects)
  • Characterization of requirement documents at the level of: infrastructure, communication and app
  • Cloud environment characterization and testing, as well as the provision of ongoing guidance to the organization’s infrastructural experts
  • Information Security management in outsourcing
  • Job-placing Information Security experts in all disciplines
  • Carrying out tracking, analysis of executions and monitoring of weaknesses
  • Carrying out secure code development and providing guidance for the carrying out of secure development
  • Managing arrays of Information Security in apps
  • Drafting practice procedures and raising employee awareness regarding Information Security
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