About HMS

HMS Consulting Group (Helperin Consultants) is a leading body in Israel in the area of providing consulting, professional services and IT to the Banking/financial sector as well as to the government sector.  HMS is a select team of some 300 multidisciplinary experts who leverage  the Group’s capabilities in the fields of information systems, risk management, the world of finance, core systems, cyber, robotics, outsourcing and regulatory requirements. The company provides its customers with long lasting business advantages.

HMS has 28 years experience carrying out hundreds of projects in the areas of  consulting, and the development and integration of wide ranging IT solutions implemented in large and medium-sized organizations.

HMS is proud to be the favorite choice of leading entities in the sectors of Banking, insurance, the capital market, government offices and financial units of leading corporations in Israel.

HMS knows how to integrate in-depth business understanding and innovation in its areas of expertise, together with vast experience and know-how in the field of IT, for the benefit of its customers.


Main fields of activity:


Strategic advice vast and proven track-record in the provision of strategic and creative advisory services for the IT array in a variety of subjects.  Innovation in planning and implementation of optimal solution concepts which are adapted to customers requirements, both regarding existing arrays of information systems and IT, as well as regarding new ventures, whilst utilizing cutting-edge methodologies, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and minimization of risk.


Core systems leading in the area of core systems in the sectors of Banking and the capital market, in a variety of subjects.  Excellent familiarity with world leading core systems (Legacy systems).


Risk management proven track-record in the provision of advisory services and solutions in the area of risk management and cyber protection to a wide variety of companies – including leading companies in the financial and governmental sectors.  In-depth expertise and a high capability of providing solutions for all organizational risks, tailored to the varied requirements or each organization.


Robotics and outsourcing specializing in providing outsourcing services in the area of human resources and robotics (software) whilst placing an emphasis on providing a comprehensive solution which is tailored to customers requirements, both by using select human resources which are picked out to suit customers requirements, as well as by utilizing advanced technologies for the automation of organizational processes.


Regulatory requirements and data migration specializing in a wide range of subjects in the field of financial regulations, including in the sectors of Banking, credit, insurance and the capital market, and acting vis-à-vis the main regulatory bodies in the Israeli market.  Additionally, specializing in data migration by making use of a unique product (developed by us) which is based on a powerful rule engine which enables flexibility in the configuration of controls and business rules throughout the process, and the ability to lead an end-to-end migration process.

“In financial organizations, IT systems are the production line – it is our job at HMS to see to it that these systems are planned, constructed and operate properly”

(Dov Halperin, Chairman, HMS)
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