Inspire GMC – Customer Communication Management

GMC are the leaders in solutions for Customer Communication Management in accordance with the international consulting firm Forrester and No. 2 according to Gartner Inc.

What they do is management of documents and the means of engagement/ distribution to the customer from one central platform to all enterprise channels. It refers to a Hub for design, editing and creating documents and business information, regulations and marketing for the customers: documents, templates, logos and dynamic information to all channels of the organization’s activities: mail, email, SMS, portal, mobile and more.

For example, the management of the dynamic display of the information regarding various offers to customers according to customer’s characteristics (analytics) for all automatic emails etc.

GMC enables to concentrate all the control into content to different channels in one HUB, which are combined within ETL tools and advances scheduling tools, so you will be able to perform a Reuse for the interfaces that were developed for the existing channels, and perform management and monitoring of all the above information produced for customers, while consolidating the parallel treatment in various channels. The Inspire platform of GMC empowers the relationship between enterprise users to their customers while creating added value and extremely fast ROI.

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