Overall risk management | ERM

Main fields of activity:

  • Management of credit risk
  • Management of market risk
  • Governance, risk management and compliance (GRC)
  • Management of insurance risk
  • Management of liquidity risk
  • Management of strategic risk


Enterprise Wide Risk Management (ERM)

  • HMS possesses in-depth knowledge and unique expertise in the area of Enterprise Wide Risk Management – ERM – with a view to providing organizations with a comprehensive solution for the all types of risk within the organization and adding a central layer of stability and cost efficiency within the organization.
  • The importance of ERM stems from the fact that a significant part of the activity carried out in organizations is exposed to a wide variety of risk types, and consequently the handling of this subject requires a specific expertise and an understanding of each one of the types of risk involved.
  • The implementation of ERP relates to financial risk (such as market risk and credit risk) as well as to operational risk (Governance, risk management, and compliance – GRC), and is regarded, on a global level, to be an important element in achieving a competitive advantage in the market.
  • An effective ERM framework includes components of policy, regulation, practice procedures, as well as the deployment of risk management systems and tools. ERM processes include the setting up of central risk management units, appointing a CRO – a Central Risk Officer who reports to the CEO, and the setting up of sub-committees at Head Office as well as at the business units – aiming to instill risk management perceptions into the organizational culture.
  • HMS possesses a proven track-record in providing solutions, both in the area of financial risk management (market risk and credit risk) as well as in the area of Governance, Risk management and Compliance (GRC). This expertise enables us to assist organizations, who operate in a dynamic, competitive market, to handle planning and implementation uncertainties caused by internal and external elements of risk, which may impair the organization’s profitability and stability.
  • The added value provided by HMS to its clients in this regard includes, inter alia, an overall outlook which addresses all types of risk existing in the organization, whilst examining the different options of risk management and of handling of risk, and then picking out the right solutions.
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