Financial Risk Management

Core Capabilities:

  • As the pioneers in market risk management for the Israeli banking sector, we have a deep knowledge of and intimate familiarity with all financial risk management methodologies.
  • We are familiar with all Israeli regulatory and supervisory organizations – The Bank of Israel, The Capital Market, the Savings and Insurance Division in the Ministry of Finance, the Israeli Securities Authority, and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
  • We have hands-on experience in working with a variety of IT systems employed for risk management activities.
  • We have a multi-disciplinary capability to provide consulting services to our clients, combining our expertise in methodology, information systems and regulatory issues.


Our Main Services:

  • Consulting and professional support in the fields of market risk management, credit and concentration and liquidity risks.
  • Specification of risk management policies, preparation of work procedures and adjustment of business processes.
  • Selection, implementation and maintenance of risk management information systems.
  • Performing financial risk surveys and regulatory gap analysis surveys.
  • Outsourced financial risk management for institutional bodies.
  • Support for Basel II and Basel III processes for the banking sector.
  • Model Validation.
  • Professional Training and Teaching.
  • Provision of control services for institutional bodies via Shadow-Systems.
  • War Games Workshop
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