Core Banking Systems

Leading in the area of core systems in the banking sector, in a variety of subjects.  Excellent familiarity with world leading core systems (legacy systems)

In-depth understanding and a proven track-record in implementing very complex projects in the field of core systems.   Involvement in all stages, from picking out the right solution up to full integration and implementation of the selected product.

  • Combining in-depth business understanding with extensive experience in the area of IT systems and advanced technologies.
  • Being well-acquainted with the Israeli market in the areas of financial core systems generally and with the Banking sector in particular.
  • Leading flagship projects in the banking market, among them the disconnection of Yahav Bank from Hapoalim Bank systems, implementing the BaNCS package by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) of India, for all areas of Core Banking (branch system, Back Office system, Security Trading, Clearing and Cheque Truncation, Compliance, Portfolio Management, Direct Channels, and more).


Core Capabilities

  • Provision of strategic advice, examining and choosing solutions, IT project management (end-to-end) and more
  • The advantages which make us stand out: 20 years of know-how and experience and a proven track-record in implementing various Core Banking systems.


Core Systems


Core Banking Systems


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