HMS Group ethical code of ethics

HMS Group is the leading Consulting Group in Israel in providing professional IT services to the financial sector. The group was set up in 1992 and has gained extensive experience and reputation in the area of IT and finances, employing some 200 experts in a wide variety of professions.

HMS aspires to become the leading consulting group in Israel in the financial IT field, to leverage its expertise in the fields of accountancy, IT systems and finances, and to afford its clients an ongoing business advantage by employing:

  • Select manpower
  • Proven methodologies and implementation methods
  • Leading software solutions
  • In-depth business understanding

HMS’s code of ethics delineates the principles in accordance with which the company’s values are realized, and the business and organizational culture HMS seeks to cultivate.

 Mission and goals

The code delineates proper behavioral principles and rules, thereby steering the activity carried out by the group’s employees, managers and senior executives.  The values embedded in the code of ethics are universal and in instilling them we seek to create a principled and moral work environment and culture for HMS and its workers.

Code of ethics objectives

  • The aim is to create an ethical and moral environment at HMS, and delineate suitable courses of action in cases where the law and/or practice procedures are not unequivocal or where they can be construed in more than one way.
  • To present the guiding values in our conduct vis-à-vis clients, employees and the external environment.
  • To clarify the way in which these core values are being implemented in day-to-day conduct, utilizing behavioral rules which represent each core value.
  • The code is to be used as an ethical road-map in situations of conflict or possible dilemmas in working life.
  • Assisting employees in selecting the best way forward and the best decision making processes both in business as well as in the interpersonal realm.

The code of ethics applies to all HMS employee and subcontractors acting on the company’s behalf.  HMS expects all its employees to act in the spirit of the core values which are depicted in the code. The code serves as a declarative, binding document for HMS in its conduct vis-à-vis its customers, employees, as well as vis-à-vis the community and state authorities.

Core values

The core values which are affecting our decision making and activity include, inter alia:

  • Striving for excellence – carrying out and completing the work in a professional manner, in accordance with customers’ requirements and to their full satisfaction – whilst complying with timetables, meeting the budget and achieving company goals.
  • Integrity – always acting in fairness, insisting on reliability, truth telling and promise keeping – in all areas of the company’s activities.
  • Confidentiality – strictly keeping confidential any information belonging to the client and to the company and preventing it from being disclosed to any entity which is not authorized to be in possession of such information.
  • Collaboration – being willing to carry out tasks as part of a team effort, and doing so whilst demonstrating mutual respect and amicability. Being willing to share know-how and information with other employees whilst strictly adhering to the confidentiality requirements.
  • Innovation – cultivating entrepreneur initiatives and creative thinking on the part of all company employees.
  • Giving back to the community – HMS endeavors, both as a company as well as through its employees, to fortify and strengthen Israeli society through the work of “Gesher El Hanoar” association, and shall seek to expand on this activity.

Ethical dilemmas

Ethical dilemmas serve as touchstones for the code of ethics.  Ethical dilemmas may arise where there is more than one course of action available, but where a comprehensive solution is not presented by any one alternative.  Sometimes, each specific solution harbors some contradiction between two core values or between a specific core value and some business goal or practice.

Most dilemmas cannot be resolved by employing one distinct solution. In most cases it becomes necessary to exercise discretion in selecting the most suitable course of action.  The code of ethics may assist in finding a solution but it cannot provide a ready-made solution to each and every dilemma.  When a moral dilemma is identified, it is necessary to seek advice regarding the correct course of action and to take into account all aspects and implications which may ensue from the chosen course of action.

Dealing with ethical dilemmas

The employee must pose a few questions to guide him or her along the road to finding the most desirable principled solution. Such questions might be:

  • Whether the act is legal and in-step with HMS’s practice procedures
  • Whether the act was executed in the spirit of HMS’s code of ethics and principles
  • Whether the act fits the employee’s own moral values or represents the company/environment within which the employee would have liked to operate, etc.

An employee who is dealing with an ethical dilemma or who is experiencing an activity which goes against the code of ethics in his or her surroundings, may contact the supervisor who is directly or indirectly in charge of him or her, who is responsible for all ethical matters, and seek their advice.  An employee who feels that the case calls for contacting HMS’s CEO directly, may do so.

Embedding the code of ethics within HMS

It is expected of all of us, employees and managers alike, to have the code of ethics reflected in our actions, to implement the code in our day-to-day conduct, and to lead by personal example.

Acting in the spirit of our common core values will lead to the embedment of a principled culture and will elevate the ethical and moral bar of all aspects of our actions, both within and outside HMS.

An ethics supervisor

A Board member whose role is to:

  • Promote an organizational culture which is in-step with the spirit of HMS’s core values
  • Be responsible for updating the code of ethics and the core values stipulated therein, within HMS.
  • Represent HMS in all matters relating to ethics
  • Promote and oversee the methods by which the code of ethics is implemented and the methods by which ethical dilemmas are being handled.
  • Receive all communications made by employees and encourage employees to report cases of unusual behavior which deviate from the code of ethics
  • Discuss ethical dilemmas and make informed decisions regarding these dilemmas
  • Provide solutions, guidance and counsel on an ongoing basis in all matters relating to ethical dilemmas
  • Bring cases of ethical dilemmas and ensuing conclusions to the knowledge of all HMS employees


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