Insurance and long-term savings schemes

Expertise in a variety of systems in the area of insurance; leading in the area of pension products, including the provision of advice and offering our unique experience regarding the Central Pension Clearing House.  Systemic understanding, using designated tools and assisting in complying with regulatory requirements and in minimization of risk.

Core capabilities

  • In-depth business understanding in the fields of Insurance, long-term savings plans and actuary
  • Integrating business work processes and supportive IT systems

Main services provided in this field

  • Solvency II– risk surveys, quantitative surveys, process walk-through sessions and guidance,ORSA, the setting up of solution architecture, picking out and implementing designated systems, data-warehouse (DWH) configuration and setting up, and drafting practice procedures.
  • Plan holders rights data cleansing – management, control and cleansing of data, using a designating system for this purpose
  • Identifying plan holders and beneficiaries
  • Providing advice and guidance for directors and position holders in professional matters in the field of Insurance and long-term savings schemes
  • Preparation and guidance –preparing institutional bodies for complying with Central Pension Clearing House requirements.
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