PPM – Project Portfolio Management

Management of project portfolios is the next step in the evolvement of organizational project management.  This concept places an emphasis on prioritization, on picking out  the projects and on balancing in a multi-project environment.  Project portfolio management makes it possible for an individual project to succeed whilst emphasizing the overall success of the organization and the entire multi-project apparatus.

This concept focuses on prioritization, on picking out the projects and on the balancing of projects and of resources, aiming to create a Best-Fit between investment and strategy. PROCEED specializes in managing projects of PPM methodologies implementation in Israel, using the world’s most advanced tools.     PROCEED adapts PPM implementation to suit the organization’s character and  maturity level.


Core capabilities:

  • Many years of experience and a proven track-record in project management and in setting up project management administration offices
  • Expert workforce: all consultants go through comprehensive trainings and through an internal certification process
  • A complete methodological framework (Best Practices) which fits local as well as global organizations
  • Extensive experience in implementing off-the-shelf PPM systems

Main services provided in this field:

  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
  • Planning the concept of IT Governance
  • PMO – provision of advisory and managed services
  • Office of the CIO (OOCIO) – provision of services to the office of the Chief Operating Officer
  • New Product Development (NPD)
  • Implementing PPM solutions by using CA-CLARITY

Additional information

The 5-step methodology

Using the 5-step methodology, PROCEED tailors a “made-to-measure”, end-to-end PPM solution for the organization. We believe that no one organization is the same as the other and that therefore it is essential to tweak the solution to fit the nature and character of the organization.

Devising a suitable solution for every organization will be based on existing Best Practices and on the many years of experience accumulated through working on such projects with our many clients.    We know that implementing a new system within an organization is a project in itself and therefore we undertake to see such a project through from start to finish (end-to-end). This undertaking includes creating a lobby as well as handling dissidences where necessary.


The concept of IT Governance

IT Governance is a managerial concept at its base.  The setting up of IT Governance processes includes providing support in numerous areas associated with the activity which takes place in organizations, such as the management of requirements, of portfolios, processes, projects, resources, budgets, versions and of IT resources.

PROCEED provides solutions which take into account the organization’s complete lifecycle.   As part of this activity we integrate the provision of advice with the implementation of solutions, changing of work processes and of organizational structures and setting up forums within the organization for this purpose.

Office of the CIO (OOCIO)

The OOCIO is the Chief Operating Officer’s desktop. The process of setting up the OOCIO incorporates Best Practices in accordance with the organization’s maturity level and requirements.  PROCEED’s OOCIO solutions incorporate the use of know-how and of technological tools in the BI field.

This solution enables the CIO to get a crosswise, multi-dimensional overview of the organization’s activities, inter alia – the operational aspects, the quality and availability of IT services, projects status, the status of QA processes within the organization, and more.

PROCEED collaborates with global companies operating in the OOCIO field, who have a proven track-record in successful implementations of OOCIO apparatuses around the world.


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