Business Analytics CB-4

CB-4 is a tool for forecasting and prediction based on finding patterns and connections between information items and complex processes at the lowest level.

  • CB-4 enables to analyze significant volumes of data (Big Data) in a very short time frame.
  • CB-4 enables to identify business opportunities in a short time frame for the purpose of continuous improvement of business performance.
  • Running the CB-4 is fully automatic, through the user, without the need of ongoing support of the analysts / IT personnel for the purpose of maintenance and running.
  • CB-4 has been implemented in dozens of organizations in Israel and abroad in the banking, retail, telecommunications, and in defense fields and in other industries.

While traditional BI tools display alerts, troubleshooting using multidimensional systems, ad-hoc reports relating to a focused problem quickly, and standard reports, the business analytics begins where the reports finish their roles and deals with optimization problems, operates models for data mining, forecasting and statistics analysis, presenting the potential opportunities for promoting a business.


HMS believes that in order for the organization to continue to survive in the competitive environment that characterizes the 21st century, it must adopt operational innovation in order to transform it to business innovation. To do this, HMS offers organizations to integrate in the operational processes a forecasting and prediction tool from CB-4 with the ability to view business recommendations in the lowest resolution (eg, client level, transaction level, credit portfolio level, etc.) for:

  • Improving customer experience
  • A focused approach to customers with unique features
  • Increasing collection potential of bad debts
  • Performing customer retention prediction
  • Development of unique products based on detection/ new segment characterization (customers) in the organization
  • Prediction of customer desertion
  • Identifying growth potential
  • Analysis of customer habits to develop unique products
  • Planning sales campaigns and reducing deficits
  • Basing decisions on facts rather than intuition


CB-4 has won in recent year a variety of degrees and international recognition from leading companies around the world:

CB-4 is the winner of the IBM SmartCamp Israel 2011

CB-4 wins Innovation section, Dealmakers Summit, 2012

CB-4 is the winner of Nokia Siemens Networks Promising Startup contest, 2013