Dov Heilpern’s lecture at Oracle’s round table conference

As part of the “round table” conference on the issue of “Cloud Services” organized by Oracle (11/11/2014), HMS’s CEO Dov Heilpern was one of the speakers. He lectured about “Advanced Issues in budget planning, forecasting and pricing in organizations”. As part of the lecture, insights and conclusions regarding the relevant professional issues raised by HMS customers during the implementation of complex projects in the past 2 years were presented . HMS has a rich and varied experience in these areas, with an emphasis on increasing activity on these issues through the “cloud services”. Dov said that the global competition marks the need to improve the quality of budget planning capabilities, forecasting and pricing in order to obtain an advantage over competitors, and therefore the trend is to achieve full synchronization between all the models that affect budget planning – financial models, operating and pricing and expansion planning for all units of the organization.

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