Data Quality and Migration

Core Capabilities:

  • RAS is an in-house development of a unique system, successfully implemented in various projects.
  • The system is based on a powerful rule engine and exploits computational, logical controls and the relevant business controls.
  • No coding required for the definition of the control and the business rules, via a flexible process.
  • RAS was especially fitted for data qulity & migration projects in the financial sector
  • Special expertise in sophicticated data quality in the insurance world

Our Main Services:

  • Setup of data control and inquiry functions
  • Acceptance Tests
  • Inquiry and cleansing of data warehouses (DWH)
  • Design of inter-system interfaces (with an emphasis on financial systems), including work on leading platforms and new technologies (e.g. SOA)
  • System Implementation
  • A system for the management, control and cleansing of data – RAS
  • Revenue Control