Clarity CA – Project portfolio management -PPM

Proceed is the leading integrator of CA’s Clarity infrastructure in Israel. During the last few years, Proceed has conducted implementations of Clarity in the global markets. The Clarity system consists of a central platform for the management of a portfolio of projects – PPM.

  • The Clarity infrastructure includes a dedicated solution for the ITG domain, which supports the management of IT services, versions, projects, resources, requirements, costs, etc.
  • The implementation facilitates an improved quality in the processes of decision making, planning and execution of projects and complex work plans, effectively allowing the organization to accomplish more with the existing resources.
  • The system is a market leader in its domain, and contains excellent interfaces to common domain products (e.g. MS Project).

Proceed enjoys many years of experience and a seasoned technological team. We have the overall technological and methodology expertise required to effect the customization and implementation of the product for our customers.