RAS – Data Cleansing, Conversion and Testing

RAS, a business-rule-based data management and quality control system, provides “end-to-end” solutions for the planning, implementation and operation of data quality suites for the organizational information systems’ entire life-cycle

Many advantages become evident by using the RAS system for the setup of data control suites, including:

  • A Central Platform for the management of the entire workflow, including the definition of the controls, the setup of the control process and its operation, alert and event management, etc.
  • Predefined Dedicated Modules that facilitate rapid implementation of complex control processes.
  • The capability to setup and manage Business Rules with no need to code, using only a user interface.
  • A friendly user interface for the setup of the control processes, which includes a graphical wizard for the definition of the control sample and the exception criteria.
  • Advanced Retrieval Tools which allow users to enquire about the identified exceptions.
  • An Operation Interface for the entire control process, with the ability to be scheduled internally and/or externally.
  • Advanced Data Profiling tools interfacing with the business rules generator and the system’s internal decision tables.
  • An advanced Event and Alert Module, interfacing to all other system control components.

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