Robotic Process Automation – RPA – and Desktop Automation

HMS is collaborating with an Israeli start-up company which provides RPA Development and Marketing solutions to organizations. We will help your organization become more operationally efficient, reduce operational risks, increase working-hours productivity and extend activity hours within the organization.


Do you perceive the following challenges to apply to your organization:

  • A difficulty to meet operational efficiency standards – as set by the organization’s targets – having maximized the existing standard methods of achieving the same.
  • Your best and most highly paid employees’ time is spent carrying out routine, complex processes.
  • The quantity of work-process errors necessitates repeating, continuous handling and results in extra, unnecessary costs.
  • Your current-sized team is unable to handle the many tasks at hand – there are simply not enough hours in the day.
  • You are unsuccessful in obtaining a budget and a schedule suitable for inter-system automation within the organization – which is to be carried out by the organization’s own IT Department.

In case your team is having to deal with any one of these challenges, then HMS and its team of expert will assist – by deploying the Israeli start-up Kryon systems’ RPA and Desktop Automation solutions.

RPA solutions are growing at accelerated speed around the world. Their projected monetary scope for the year 2020 is expected to be 5 Billion US Dollars!

The proposed solutions deploy Automation of complex, cross-system processes within the organization, using simple, non-costly methods.

Most of these solutions are deployable at Business-user level and do not call for development work to be carried out by the organization’s IT Department.


For further details – please contact Reshef Radin, Board member and Head of Advanced Products and Solutions Department at HMS.


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