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BMS – Software Solutions for the Vehicle Rental, Leasing & Fleet Management Industry



BMS International Systems Development Ltd. specializes in the development and implementation of comprehensive software solutions for vehicle rental, leasing and fleet management companies.

The BMS system is in use since 1997 and is based on more than 25 years of experience in the development of software solutions for the vehicle and tourism industry.

In collaboration with HMS experts, the  BMS professional development team is constantly improving the software suite, adding new technologies based on market requirements. The team uses its extensive expertise in the transportation and tourism industries, and their vast knowledge and skills in the Information Technology domain.

BMS has experience in the successful implementation of its software solutions in large organizations, including international corporations with multiple-country operations. The central management and support is done from the HMS offices in Tel-Aviv.

The BMS system has a proven ability in the management of small and large fleets (up to 50,000 vehicles) and a proven experience in serving over 1,000 concurrent users on one database.

BMS main software solutions are:

  • BMS Vehicle Rental system
  • LeaseWare – A comprehensive leasing management system
  • BMS Fleet Management system
  • BMS Outbound Reservations software

The modular structure of the software enables full customization of the software for the business requirements of BMS clients – the suite can be tailored, offering the client a software package that contains only the modules they required. This “all-in-one” architecture can serve various types of clients worldwide, while allowing them to benefit from the system’s richness and flexibility.

Selected Features and Advantages of BMS System Solutions:

  • BMS system solutions are sophisticated, feature-rich, yet extremely easy to use
  • All in One” system that provides real-time data overview
  • Yield management tools for increasing your profitability
  • Supports quick decisions making and reaction to dynamic situations
  • Friendly user interface designed for speed and efficiency
  • Multilingual user interface – Supports any language and country localization
  • Modular software that can serve anyone –  from a small company to an international corporation with hundreds of simultaneous users
  • The software is extremely dynamic, flexible and can be easily customized to customer needs
  • BMS leasing software (LeaseWare) is the most comprehensive and advanced vehicle leasing system in the market
  • Tracking and recording of every vehicle activity transaction in one place, which are shared across all BMS modules
  • BMS supports multiple currency calculations – an unlimited, simultaneous use of any number of currencies
  • BMS Rental and Leasing software offers an advanced pricing system
  • Integrated CRM
  • Automatic tasks and alerts
  • Management of every aspect of the vehicle’s life-cycle including fleet analysis, planning tools and reports
  • Supports quality and efficient service for customers
  • Management Tools – Designed to increase revenue and profitability and reduce expenses


These features, among others, position BMS as the leading system for the fleet management market

More than System Solutions – BMS Company Advantages

  • We provide a full range of professional services tailored to meet our clients’ needs and requirements .
  • We are constantly improving and developing our products on a regular basis in order to serve the changing needs of our clients and incorporate industry advancements.
  • Our team’s top priority is ensuring customer satisfaction with both the products and the service .
  • Our staff is dedicated to customer service with personal attention, excellent quality and courteous service.



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